Mannequins: not a simple display of the product.

The mistake that is most often made is to attribute to the mannequins a simple function of product presentation. It is clear that the primary purpose is precisely that, but their ability to project your brand and your corporate image outside the shop window should not be underestimated.

The process that leads the customer to purchase starts from the shop window. Capturing the attention of a passerby is the first step to creating interest around your store.

In this sense the mannequins play a fundamental role: they embody the figure of the seller themselves.

Nowadays there are all types, realistic, abstract, stylized, headless, silhouette… Finding your way among such a vast offer is not easy and for this reason the experience of a figure capable of finding mannequins is required suitable not only for presenting your product but above all for making your brand shine through.


How to find the most suitable mannequin?

Looking at a mannequin, the consumer understands who you are, understands what you do and above all how you do it. Finding the most suitable one to represent you is equivalent to evoking in the customer the same principles on which your products are based.

Obviously all this must be included in a broader study that also takes into account, for example, how to position the lights in order to enhance the

mannequin and consequently the product, the difference between a mannequin displayed in the shop window and one present inside the store, interior design in general and many other factors that only a company with transversal skills is able to consider.



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