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Interior & Retail design

Interior design

Our mission is the design of commercial spaces that not only respond to the needs of physical spaces, but above all are capable of involving the consumer. For us, retail design must not only satisfy consumer tastes, which are changeable and purely subjective, but must redefine the commercial space so that your customer is encouraged to purchase thanks to the creation of new relationships that are created between product and consumer.

Years of experience in store design have made us understand that a good architect or interior designer is not enough... this is why our team is made up of several professionals, each specialized in a specific sector. However, the synergy of the different figures has a single result: creating a commercial space that is able to satisfy the customer during the purchase.

At the basis of all our planning there are marketing studies aimed at understanding consumer behaviour. Consumer tastes and preferences are, in fact, constantly evolving: the positioning of lights, the perception of colors and olfactory sensations have a great impact on your customers and are aspects that require careful and precise planning. For us, interior and retail design is precisely this: creating the most suitable path that leads the customer to your product.

We think of personalized services for your specific needs, so, alongside the tailor-made set-up of an entire shop, with the same care, we research and offer individual "standalone" furnishing objects: furniture, tables, armchairs, sofas and furnishing accessories .

Marketing studio

Consumer behavior analysis


Team of specialized professionals


Turnkey delivery




We put decades of experience at your service in selecting the best manufacturers of furniture and furnishing accessories, together with the love for unique and particular pieces of furniture and we offer you "stand alone" objects to embellish your point of sale, but also the your home.



We take care of the entire project, but also just one of the aspects involving the shop: architectural design, practices for tax breaks, masonry and plasterboard works, electrical and plumbing systems, fire prevention, air treatment, lighting engineering, home automation, multimedia, digital signage, active and passive security, fixtures and thermal insulation, flooring, coverings, false ceilings, shop furnishings, in-store graphics.


  • Via Portogallo, 11 c/o Centro Grossisti
    35127 Padova (PD)

  • Orari: Lun - Ven | 8.45 - 13.00 | 14.15 - 18.00
  • Tel: +39 049 761885
  • Email: [email protected] 


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