Remiro Soopl

Soopl Fashion Trolley

Soopl designs and distributes extraordinary products and accessories to make work in the fashion world easier, to make it less tiring and energy-consuming, and even less unpredictable.

Thanks to a fluid and targeted design that makes the complicated simple, over fifteen years ago it revolutionized the world of fashion with a trolley capable of overcoming every challenge.

Exceptional quality comes from attention to every detail and the choice of the highest quality materials to create products built to last. Innovative design goes hand in hand with the highest quality materials.

But Soopl Fashion Trolley did not stop at innovative trolleys, but continued to innovate and expand the product range, with bags, suitcases, component sets and accessories, all designed to simplify the frenetic activities of the fashion world.

Remiro exclusively distributes these fanatstaci products throughout the entire national territory.




  • Via Portogallo, 11 c/o Centro Grossisti
    35127 Padova (PD)

  • Orari: Lun - Ven | 8.45 - 13.00 | 14.15 - 18.00
  • Tel: +39 049 761885
  • Email: [email protected] 


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