AMERSEC® anti-theft systems

AMERSEC® anti-theft systems

Anti-shoplifting devices (Electronic Article Surveillance) help us every day in the safety of our shops.

Thanks to the labeling of goods, EAS systems prevent any attempt to shoplift in shops or remove property objects from offices and companies.

A removable label is applied to each item that is intended to be protected. When theft or unauthorized removal of the item is attempted, the surveillance system responds with an alarm. Upon purchase of the item (or regular removal from the protected area) the label is deactivated or removed.

Purchasing an EAS system may seem like an excessive expense, however most shops find that the systems pay for themselves within a few months. Some stores indicated that it took only 3 months for the system to pay for itself.

As regards the use of adhesive labels, you can rest assured. Most of the world's largest and most prestigious brands use labeling systems even with delicate items such as swimsuits and leather clothing.

Furthermore, EAS systems can also be installed at staff exits, to reduce the percentage of internal thefts.

But the benefits of purchasing an EAS system don't end there.

The built-in visitor counter will allow you to turn your security system into an information gathering tool. You can check the number of your visitors by dividing visits by time slots and improve your marketing strategies accordingly.

Visitor counters are integrated into the EAS system doors upon delivery, or can be retrofitted at a reasonable cost.

EAS systems benefit from integrated software solutions to allow you to keep track of the data collected. The StoreMonitor server, in addition to offering a series of useful analysis tools, shows information on the number of alarms, the status of the system and provides the possibility of setting time slots for operation.
StoreMonitor allows the comparison of data from multiple stores and automatic sending via email or FTP. The data will be easily consultable thanks to the use of specific graphs and tables.

AMERSEC® systems can be purchased from our office on order.


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